We’ll fly through the blogosphere with the greatest of ease

Trapeze artists in circus, lithograph by Calve...

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That’s it, I’m running away and joining the circus!  I’ve had it with suits and pantyhose and alarm clocks and paperwork and deadlines.  Give me the roar of the crowd!  The ringmaster’s intonations booming above the applause, the cotton candy, the fire-eaters, the elephants and the lions–no clowns, though.  I believe I’ve previously made myself clear on this subject.

So who’s with me?  Lori Franks, you can be ringmaster!  The Waiting can be liontamer!  Onwindydays can be the fire-eater!  Toadsandwich, you’ll be in charge of concessions.  And what will I be, you ask?  I shall be the tightrope walker, or perhaps the trapeze artist, the one who launches herself into the air with no safety net and only her own skill to help her land safely on the other side.  Not that far off from what I do already.

Little Blind Girl’s Traveling Blog Circus begins tonight!  Lose yourself in the glamor, the spectacle, the death-defying feats, and all with no cover charge!  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, absolutely free.  All we ask is a willingness to be awed and amazed. Now, step up and come inside the Blog Circus, where all are welcome, anything is possible, and the elephants may break free at any moment!  Guaranteed 100% clown free.

15 thoughts on “We’ll fly through the blogosphere with the greatest of ease

      • “Too easy”.;. bet your bibby on that one LBG. I’m the ultimate clown nightmare. I’m the clown that Booth (on Bones) shoots. I’m the clown that little children fear. I’m the the clown that was at the basketball game, last night, that made strange gestures towards the R-MC basketball team. WTF was that all about. As much as I would be a great evil clown, what the hell is a clown doing at a basketball game?! Game on, LBG!


  1. Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos solve all problems. Watching the Oscars and Cirque du Soleil just performed … absolutely amazing! How can people do that?


  2. This is just the job I’ve been looking for! There is certainly a lot of carry-over between being a lion tamer and a former kindergarten teacher in Korea! 😀 I may just pump a few more kids out and then amaze the audience with my juggling skills.


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