Am Unicorn. Deal.


Self-portrait (unicorn_attack__by_wallakitty-d8l29c9)

After a great deal of soul-searching, I have come to a realization that I would like to share with you, gentle readers.  As I understand it, some people identify as being something other than what they were born as or how they appear on the outside.  Well, I may seem like a girl on the outside, and the “traditional” view may categorize me as human, but I now know that I identify as a unicorn.

That’s right.  I am a legendary being who is fierce and proud, even when no one believes in me.  Even though you can’t see my horn, I am still powerful and beautiful, and I won’t be tamed.  While I can’t say I’m especially attracted to virgins, I am most definitely the living embodiment of magic and grace.  I am a unicorn.

I’ll tell you what else:  I don’t think I’m the only one out there.  I think many people may identify as unicorns and either suppress it or hide their true selves for fear of suffering scorn and ridicule.  I hope my fellow unicorns will find the courage to come forward and say, “I, too, am strong and proud.  I, too, am beautiful and magical.  I, too, am a unicorn.”

Best believe.