Truth or Dare

By Leonetto Cappiello [image in the public domain]

One of the bad things about blogs is that there are people who know who you are in real life and read your blog for the express purpose of being able to cause trouble for you down the road.  Here’s what I have to say to them:

I’m not going to stop writing this blog just because of a few crass opportunists.  I figure that, if I erase this blog, you’ll just be crass and opportunistic about something else, and I’m not going to live my life according to what other people might think.

So I’m making this statement:  Some, but not all, of the information on this blog is true.  Some of it, but not all of it, happened to me.  Some of it happened to other people.  Some of it I’m making up wholesale.  So gather dirt at your pleasure.  You may or may not be reading complete works of fiction.

Everyone is welcome to read this blog, but those of you who are looking to cause trouble are going to have to find another way.  Pick on my grammar, maybe, or how I use, too, many, commas.  If you’re trying to use my blog against me, you’re already pretty much at that level, so it shouldn’t, be, a, stretch.

In that spirit, I’m going to play a round of Two Truths and a Lie.  Or am I playing Two Lies and a Truth?  Or maybe they’re all lies, or they’re all true.  They’re just here for a laugh, like my other posts.  Take it for what it is, not for what you want to make it into:

I climbed onto the clock tower at one of my old schools and carved my initials in the back of the clock.  I thought it was high time!

I have a tattoo of a scorpion on a part of my body normally covered by clothes.

I once toured Europe as part of a band.  It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it, but let me tell you, we sucked.

Whatcha gonna do with that?  And for all the readers and commenters and followers who genuinely like my blog, you rock, and you’re most of the reason I don’t just take this blog down.  I love hearing from you.  Keep it coming!