A Ray of Light

An unopened fortune cookie

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I had a Very Bad Day yesterday–what’s that children’s story, somebody’s Terrible, Horrible, Evil, Awful, No-Good, Very Bad Day?  Well, that’s the kind of day I had yesterday.  I was too tired and upset to cook dinner, so I went to a nearby fast food restaurant.  The guy behind the counter asked if I’d had a good day, and I gave a gusty sigh and said “No!”  I must have looked like I meant it, too, because when he gave me my order he also gave me a paper fortune from a fortune cookie that said “Your charming smile is attracting everyone around you” in an attempt to cheer me up!  And it worked.  It was the only thing that got a real smile out of me that night.  So thank you, Nameless Dude, I needed that.  And right back at you.

11 thoughts on “A Ray of Light

  1. A fortune cookie? What a wonderful message it had for you at that very moment! At a Birthday Party for my Grand Daughter, my son asked a good friend how his day went and he said it was so horrible, he had to smile! He said he then went to the corner convenience store and bought a Drum Stick–the ice cream cone—and life was good again! The way he said it, so great! When I have a horrible day now, I think of John and his Drum Stick and I get “happy” right away! No more bad days, LBG!


    • That’s the funny thing–it wasn’t a Chinese restaurant! It was just fast food, and the guy gave me his own fortune that he must have gotten earlier. And yeah, I think it was Alexander. Me and Alexander, we should form a club!


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