Don’t let the Little Blind Girl out at night!

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Why little blind girls shouldn’t be allowed out after dark:

I got home from work pretty late tonight, well after dark.  Now, as I’m legally blind, I have a lot of trouble seeing much of anything after dark.  It’s all blurry artificial lights and shifting shadows and I’m basically completely blind.  Usually I don’t go out after dark, but I know my way to the corner store pretty well because of various after-hours emergencies over the years.  Of course, not having a strawberry soda after a hard Tuesday counts as an emergency, and just such a crisis struck tonight, so I ventured out.

The way to the corner store includes a pass through the parking lot for another business, where they know me well and know of my condition, and generally try to look out for me.  So I was not too surprised, if a little taken aback, when, as I walked through the parking lot, I heard a female voice say very loudly “Don’t go there!”  It being pitch dark, I couldn’t see even an outline of who was talking to me, but I thought perhaps a car was coming and a staff member or patron of the business was warning me, so I backtracked to what I thought was safe ground.

I heard the same female voice say, “Get away from there!” in a very authoritative tone.  Now thoroughly bewildered, I edged toward the door for the business.  Again, the female voice shouted “I told you not to go there!”

Exasperated, I said, “What is going on?  Why can’t I go there?  Why are you shouting at me?”

Out of the dark, the female voice replied, “What are you talking about?  I haven’t said anything to you!”

Seeing Eye Dog Original

Seeing Eye Dog Original (Photo credit: Mike "Dakinewavamon" Kline)

“You shouted at me not to go there!” I shot back, somewhat out of temper at this point.

“Are you blind or something?” the disembodied female voice asked.  “I was talking to my dog!”

That’s right, gentle readers, the lady was out walking her dog and was telling her dog not to do its business by the store’s front door.  I gave lady and dog what I hope was a wide berth, considering that I’m not sure where the dog ended up relieving itself, got my soda, and hustled home.  Seriously, I shouldn’t be allowed out of the house!

10 thoughts on “Don’t let the Little Blind Girl out at night!

  1. How annoying !! My friend who is totally blind always thinks people are talkiing to him to … he says it goes with the territory. He just has to assume it’s to him until he knows otherwise.


  2. I always think it’s me someone is talking to, also! If I ignore the person, I’m considered a snoot? If I have my “stick” in my hand, wouldn’t you think they’d KNOW I can’t see them? Not the case! If asked for “directions” somewhere, seems a directional pointing of their finger, is perfect for them! I’ll ask, “Where?” and they point again, I guess. Hey,I’m blind, I say and then it’s all of this, “Oh, I’m so sorry!”. Don’t be sorry! Part of life? The really rude ones are those who walk their dogs to my house and let them dump here, thinking I don’t know it’s there? Takes all kinds!


  3. Better safe than sorry, for sure. I would think she wold have said something like, “Oh, I’m talking to my dog.”

    Some people, like that person, just aren’t very observant. This was an interesting story, my friend.


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