Clothes I just don’t get

I love clothes.  I’m a girl, a girly girl, with purses and shoes and makeup and everything.  But even I’ll admit that some clothes, I don’t get.  This came home to me while I was perusing one of those online sample sale things where the designer clothes are marked way, way down to prices still completely outside my price range.  It’s safer to internet-shop than to window-shop, I’ve found, primarily because there are no dressing rooms online.  Still, no dressing room is going to make any of these things make sense to me:

1.  Jeggings

Leggings and jeans should never go together.  What was the inventor of jeggings thinking? “Hmm, what should I wear today, leggings or jeans?  It’s impossible to choose, they’re both so comfortable and flattering.  I know!  I’ll combine the two into something not nearly as comfortable as either leggings or jeans and horrifically unflattering into the bargain!  Wow, this fashion contribution is going right up there with the poncho, I can just tell!”


2.  Partial bikini sale

Technically, this isn’t an objection to an item of clothing, but it’s related.  I don’t understand why I keep seeing one part of a bikini on sale.  Except in certain parts of Europe, the two parts go together.  Was one half of the bikini flying off the shelves, but try as they might, the stores just couldn’t move the other half?  I don’t understand.




3.  Miniskirt and Uggs together

College girls, you know you’re guilty of this.  Just because you’re little and cute doesn’t excuse this fashion absurdity (disclaimer: there is a vocal minority that would say otherwise.  They can find their own blog.  In fact, I’m pretty sure they already have).  If it’s warm enough to wear a miniskirt, it’s too warm to wear fleece-lined boots.  If it’s cold enough that you need fleece-lined boots, it’s too cold to wear a miniskirt, I don’t care how thick your tights are.  Just stop.


4.  Skinny jeans

I firmly believe that Kate Moss invented these in order to have something that makes her look like she has hips.  For everyone else on the planet, these just make us look chunky around the middle and generally ill-proportioned.  Wearing skinny jeans will, alas, not make us look like Kate Moss.  That requires years of conscientious anorexia and diligent purging.  Until then, just wait patiently for this tragic fad to pass.


5.  Short-sleeved coats

WTF?  I mean, seriously, WTF?







And there you have it.  Shopping with the Little Blind Girl is a mix of high-pitched squeals, sudden rushes into the sock section, and holding out an item of clothing in utter confusion, wondering how much someone got paid to design it and what they were on at the time.  Someday someone is going to wear a bikini top with a miniskirt over skinny jeggings and Uggs, all covered with a short-sleeved coat, and my head is going to explode.  I’ll bet if I looked hard enough, I could find a picture on the Internet of someone dressed like that right now.

11 thoughts on “Clothes I just don’t get

  1. I will admit, in strict confidence, I almost bought a pair of those pajama pants that look like jeans. Seriously. It was a bad week for me. On a related note, I’ve decided that I can’t date any girls who own either Uggs or skinny jeans or who wear leggings as pants substitutes. Instant deal breakers. I actually quizzed the last girl I went out with about them, which in retrospect may have been kind of weird.


  2. With all of the weirdness of these selections of clothing, makes you wonder if that’s why being a nudist is appealing? I’m heading for the fuzzy sock department!


  3. Uggs are so ridiculous. The other day I saw two teenage girls walking down the street and one of them had on Uggs and the other one had on flip-flops. And let me tell you, the one who was dressed appropriately for the weather was the one wearing flip-flops. The one wearing Uggs also had shorts and a t-shirt on. She just looked like a hobo.

    I’m glad you’ve made your Uggs affiliation clear because now I know that I truly love you and I’m reading the right blog 🙂


  4. Darn I wear skinny jeans and jeggings. Well crap I wear short sleeved coats too but in my defense on that one I live in Texas where you really don’t even need a coat. And once upon a time when I was 7 months pregnant with twins I bought pajama jeans. Sadly they were not all I dreamed them to be:(


  5. I love your list, and have similair feelings! But what drives me insane is shirts with only one long sleeve … Like only half your body needs long sleeves and the other half should be fine, right?. Maybe the wearer couldnt decide, “hey, do I want to wear a tank top or long sleeves? Hmmm, how ’bout one of each!”


    • Oh, man, I’m actually guilty of this one! But it’s a really light fabric for summer wear, and it’s really pretty, and…yeah, you’re right. Totally irrational. But then, so are my four-inch heels!


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