A letter to Future Me

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Dear Future Me,

Next time you go out of town for a few days, you really need to start packing more than half an hour before you leave.  Remember that time in November 2011 when you went out of town for your birthday, and you realized about a half an hour out that you forgot to pack your cell phone charger?  Yeah, you remembered long about the time your phone started beeping that it was low on battery.  Then you realized when you got to the hotel that you forgot to pack a USB outlet plug-in doodad so you could charge your ipad, and you had to go down to the front desk and borrow one from them?  Boy, it was fun explaining to the staff what it was you needed.  Oh, and then you realized you hadn’t packed any toothpaste when you got back to the room after dinner, and you realized you hadn’t packed your razor just after the hotel store closed for the night, and you realized you hadn’t packed the keyboard you use with your ipad when you decided you wanted to post to your blog?  Good times.  Yep, you sure had a good time posting from the hotel lobby right next to the cafe where that folk singer was covering songs from the sixties.  Man, those acoustics were good.  Just a note from your past self, because I’m looking out for you:  pack the night before.  Please.  There are only so many Carole King and James Taylor covers you’re going to be able to stand.  Oh, wait, he’s starting on Crosby, Stills, and Nash!  And the Eagles!  And who wrote “So Happy Together,” ’cause that’s what he’s singing now!  Oh, man, it’s a birthday hootenanny.  Please?  Oh, and next time, pack some ear plugs; they’re breaking out the banjos.


Past Little Blind Girl

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