Mountain Dew, you’ve let me down

CC Image courtesy of Ed Yourdon on Flickr

I stepped out of my apartment today to run across the street and buy a soda at the convenience store.  I’d been doing housework, so I was in jeans and a sweatshirt, no makeup, hair not done at all.  On the way to the store, about a two minute walk, I got no fewer than two wolf whistles, a car horn honk with a remark I’m not going to repeat, and a “Hey, shortie!”  I was thinking, man, these must be some good jeans!

So I bought the soda and walked back toward my apartment–and nothing.  It was like the soda made me drop 20 hotness points.  What is it, guys?  Does a Mountain Dew make you think I’m too high-maintenance?  Did you take it as a sign of unhealthy eating and eventual obesity?  Or did I just walk out after all the traffic cleared up?  A friend of mine used to jog alongside a major road, and she would always get comments and whistles.  One day she didn’t, and she sulked until the next time someone yelled something lewd out of a car.  Man, the pitfalls of being a girl.