Attack of the exercise buddies, or: How I ended up running in the rain


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Hey, blog people!  I missed you!  I had a computer-intensive project that killed my eyes for a while.  The perils of being a little blind girl.  But I’m back, sort of, with yet more adventures to share with you.  Let us begin:

When I got up this morning, I didn’t intend to go running at any point during the day.  Yes, yes, I know I told my doctor I would, but I’ve been really busy, and then I got food poisoning, and then I was really tired, and then I had a date (+60 points, by the way), and then I just didn’t feel like it.

But a couple of colleagues of mine run after work, and today my office mate convinced me to go with them.  I’m still not sure how it happened; one minute I was downing my third mug of Red Bull, the next minute I’d agreed to throw on my ratty exercise clothes that I’ve had since I was in school and go run laps.

I lost count of the number of excuses I found not to go.  It’s raining; it’s been a long day; I couldn’t possibly leave before this person calls me back; I can’t see the track without my glasses; I think it might kill me.  I’m amazed my colleagues didn’t brain me before we ever got out of the office, but they didn’t, and I ended up at a nearby track in the rain, blind as a bat and ready to run.  Well, if not exactly ready, at least too stubborn to back out.

I didn’t run the whole way.  I did at least keep going the entire time, even though I walked the majority of the way.  I ran sporadically, and I found time to regret not having planned this a little better as I realized that, in the decade since I last exercised regularly, the elastic on my track pants has–shall we say, relaxed a little?  Or a lot?  Seriously, the minute I’d break into a jog, my pants would start slipping down my hips.  I kept having to grab them and yank them back up.  Trot, grab, pull, repeat.  For a mile and a half.

I made terrible time, but at least I didn’t end up performing an unintentional striptease.  That, combined with a wet t-shirt from the rain, would have turned my pathetic attempt at exercise into a totally different experience!  I think I’ll go again the next time my colleagues go.  Next time, however, I’m wearing spandex.  And maybe something with a drawstring.  Do you think it would be going too far to run in suspenders?

26 thoughts on “Attack of the exercise buddies, or: How I ended up running in the rain

  1. You are too much!!! I totally relate. A few Weeks ago it was pouring and I wanted to go walking with my mom because we go every day. So we went only for my pants to end up drenched as well as my sneakers and socks within 10minutes! I was terrified my feet would grow mold so we went back to my car and I felt like an idiot….a feeling I deal with quite often actually lol. Thanks for coming back to us lbg!! 🙂


  2. Suspenders are good, although maybe not…brings back memories of Grandpappy Amos! Not that you would look like Grandpappy Amos, LBG! And that probably dates me. You’ve never heard of him, have you? Thanks for the post, it was a great laugh on a Wednesday night.



  3. If you insist on going next time, be sure the suspenders are bright orange so the ,EMT’s can spot you easily! I have more excuses than you do, not to even attempt it in the first place: A sighted guide is important for me. Track has to be perfect (not pot holes!). Best of all, my “Union” says I don’t have to do anything after 12 Noon! Spandex sounds like the ticket for you! Enjoy!


  4. Now wait jus’a’gal’darn minute. The LBG engaged in an organized exercise event !? Please . . .
    Now, as an English major I am the first to appreciate a writer’s, blogger’s, right to use literary license. But, this one may have gone over the edge. However, if it’s true, then I would have paid real money to witness your walking event. And, if true, I’d have been LMAO.


  5. .It’s like the sassy little black cocktail dress. The LBG is a classy young woman. I think that black suspenders would have been appropriate for her sophistacded style.


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