The Little Blind Girl’s Staycation, 2012-2012. RIP.

Part of gravestone in Sighişoara (Schäßburg, S...

Part of gravestone in Sighişoara (Schäßburg, Segesvár), Evangelical Cemetery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Monday, after a long and full life, the Little Blind Girl’s staycation was laid to rest after passing away peacefully in the LBG’s sleep.  LBG’s staycation is survived by its sister, the Christmas holidays, its brother, Thanksgiving, and its children, Memorial Day Weekend and the Fourth of July.  Those who knew and loved the LBG’s staycation remember with fondness the many household chores accomplished during its lifetime and the hours of catching up on sleep it provided, not to mention the lengthy list of very bad movies it took pride in consuming en masse.

Perhaps most memorable about the LBG’s staycation was its remarkable and inspiring battle with Workiscalling Syndrome.  Twice during its life, the LBG’s staycation was threatened by relapses of this debilitating disease, resulting in stays of an hour or more in the office.  With the support of friends and colleagues, however, the LBG’s staycation was able to overcome Workiscalling Syndrome and return home to indulge in its favorite pastimes, eating Doritos and playing Angry Birds.

The LBG’s staycation’s circle of mourners recall the good times lounging around in pajamas at two in the afternoon, watching the world go by and thinking about all the people in offices wearing suits.  We know the LBG’s staycation is in a better place, perhaps Hawaii or St. Croix, and we wish it well as it goes to join that Great Vacation In The Sky.  Go in peace, LBG’s staycation.  You will be missed.

9 thoughts on “The Little Blind Girl’s Staycation, 2012-2012. RIP.

  1. I didn’t know Staycation but they obviously had a long and fruitful life. And remember, the things we loved in life have a way of coming back to us. I have a feeling bits of Staycation will be present again soon enough. Your soul lingers on, Staycation.


  2. Rivaling “Workiscalling Syndrome” was “Egad, Mom is Coming to Visit Syndrome”. Funny how that ate up huge chunks of Staycation’s short life. We can both remember with fondness the insistent (all right, the nagging) suggestions regarding everything from errands to household chores to apartment decorating to social life. Ah, yes, “Mom is Coming” Syndrome is to be feared and respected for its immediate symptoms, primary among them “guilt trip inducement”. The only treatment for this dreaded condition is preventive: Do not, I repeat, do NOT let your mother know when you take a Staycation.


    • Then, of course, there’s the “Furniture Shopping” Syndrome…and the “I really need these clothes” Syndrome…and the “Let’s Just Swing By Barnes and Noble” Syndrome…really, it’s a wonder I survived my staycation!


    • Hi there, Melissatheragamuffin! Yes, she for sure needs a nudge in that direction and I am already setting my devious mind to work on that very project! Funny you should say this as I am in the midst of researching vacation venues for LBG to explore!


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