Wait…what??? (Obligatory post-Freshly Pressed blog entry)

Bambi (character)

Bambi (character) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There I was, peacefully putting away my groceries (all healthy, worse luck.  I think my doctor reads my blog) and chatting with my mother, who was in town for a visit.  She went off to do something else, and I sat down to check in on my blog.  I pressed the stats button…

I recently got a new pair of glasses.  I thought maybe they had malfunctioned.  I’d had how many page views?  Suspicious, I took off my glasses, rubbed them, put them back on…yep, same number.  I checked out the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress and, sure enough, there I was!  With a blog post that I’d put about five minutes worth of thought into and basically consisted of me blowing off steam about my new diet and exercise plan!

Though, come to think of it, that’s probably a pretty universally interesting topic–not diet and exercise, which are just universally torturous, but being annoyed and frustrated by them.  Yes, I cunningly picked this topic of common interest, came up with a nifty list, inserted a colorful visual, all with an eye toward getting Freshly Pressed…no, I didn’t.  But it’s still fun that it happened!  I had the following conversation with myself after seeing my tiny little blog up there with the big boys:

Little Blind Girl:  Oh, wow, this is so cool!  Look at all these page views!  Look at all these comments and all the new followers!  Thanks, WordPress!

Voice in Head:  Wait, they picked this post?  I have, like, fifty other posts that are way better.

Little Blind Girl:  Oh, don’t be a buzzkill.  This is awesome!  I want to do a backflip, except that I’m pretty sure my body doesn’t bend that way anymore.

Voice in Head:  I’m just saying.  You wrote a sonnet to Johnny Depp, actually in iambic pentameter, and they go for this one?

Little Blind Girl:  This was a good post!  It may never get included in an anthology of insightful, provocative essays, but it’s not bad for an evening’s work.

Voice in Head:  You mean twenty minutes’ work.  Thank goodness I proofread.

Little Blind Girl:  Yeah, I kind of feel like a mother who tells her kid to wear clean underwear in case he gets in an accident and has to go to the emergency room.  “Now, blog, I’m going to make sure you don’t have any typos, just in case you get Freshly Pressed.”  “Aww, come on, Little Blind Girl, that never happens!”

Voice in Head:  Until it does.

Little Blind Girl:  Exactly.

Voice in Head:  So we’re just ignoring the fact that you’re having a conversation with yourself?

Little Blind Girl:  Just like always.

Voice in Head:  Right, then.  Hey, don’t you have a policy about responding to every comment on the blog?

Little Blind Girl:  Yes.  (Pause)  Why?  How many comments are there?

Voice in Head:  Fifty eight and counting.

Little Blind Girl:  ….

Totally worth it.  Thanks to all the people who read, liked, commented on, and followed my blog, new and old readers alike!  And a special shoutout to my favorite comment, which was by laurenwhitney91:  “you are insanely hilarious. thank you for being you!”  Seriously, that’s the comment!  Best comment ever.  I love being Freshly Pressed!

Also, for those of you who read the hilarious blog The Waiting:  welcome to the world, Miss C.  You’ve got a really cool mom.

41 thoughts on “Wait…what??? (Obligatory post-Freshly Pressed blog entry)

  1. Aw jealous lol. I have been wondering how many views you need to be freshly pressed lol. I just want my story to get out there. You are very funny though!


    • I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with views, or I never would have been picked! To be honest, I have no idea why I was selected. I just blog away in total ignorance of rules and etiquette, and hope someone likes what I write. Glad you think I’m funny! And good luck.


  2. “With a blog post that I’d put about five minutes worth of thought into ”
    Seriously… I hafta say, there are times when I could sink hours into a post, tweak the images into they are art itself, reword, rewrite, and no one bats an eyelash about it, and then the other day I ripped off some (very talented) guys’ photo of an ANT (I credited him- it wasn’t a total rip-off), typed up two or three sentences and it got a flood of responses. Go fig, right?

    Well congratulations to you on getting freshly pressed, though 🙂


  3. Kinda feel the same way, although I haven’t been pressed yet/ 😛 but my chilled out blog posts get more attention than those I put any effort into.


  4. I’m thrilled that the quality of writing was recognized! Congrats on making FP!

    There’s a secret algorithm that WordPress uses to choose FP. The odds of a particular post making FP is inversely proportional to the amount of time spent creating it. When I got FP, I was thrilled for 4.2 seconds, and then I had to say “THAT one? Why But your post definitely deserved it!


    • LOL! Thanks for the compliment; that means a lot, coming from you. I’ve admired your blog for a while. And I think you’re right about that algorithm. I really did just throw that one together. But maybe that’s how the magic happens!


  5. I’m so glad you were freshly pressed! It gave other bloggers (like me) an opportunity to discover you! Your blogs are hilarious, and I find myself laughing out loud at work… maybe i should stop reading your work when I’m here (the boss people might not like that). Anywho congrats! I can’t wait to read more.



  6. I was beginning to experience a little letdown moment with the Fresh Pressed posts and then I read yours. Finding your blog is worth weeding through thousands of others. Glad to make your acquaintance.


  7. Wow LBG! Your Staycation has really paid off. You’re now a Blog Queen. Beat’s the hell out of being a Bog Queen. Taking a cue from you, I have decided to take a Staycation beginning Friday the 13th. I won’t return to work until the 23rd. Camp does count as a Staycation, doesn’t it?
    Thank you for being an inspiration to lazy over achievers, everywhere!


  8. Hahaha… I have written several of my conversations with myself from high school and college. Lovely to find someone else who has had the same conversations. Look forward to following your blog.


  9. How delightful it is to stumble upon your blog that allows all of us to look at our lives more clearly, with a fresh perspective as to reasons why it’s better not to wait for some things, and at times, alright to wait for some things to brew. 😀

    Congrats Freshly Pressed Girl! I knew I could pick’em! Which means, I totally became a fan before knowing how much of a celebrity you are. Yup. Sniff. Sniff. I can totally smell the awesome ones. 😀 As in, they smell good, and fresh. 😀



  10. I typically don’t check out “Freshly Pressed” but found your posting that was FP’d via another blogger who I sub (she reblogged it). So just wanted to say Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! I understand this is what so many WP bloggers hope occurs – and I have to agree. To be chosen out of god knows how many blogs and posts to be featured is really cool.

    Anyway, just wanted to say Congrat’s, but thought I’d do it on this posting so I didn’t have to scroll down a mile on the FP’d post. Also, I loved it! Sometimes the simple posts are the best – just like life….


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