Famous paintings discuss current events

This is what I like to imagine that paintings get up to in their spare time:

Girl With A Pearl Earring:  Did you hear that Congress is thinking about trying to regulate the internet?  It’s total censorship!  They can’t do this to us!  They’re infringing on our artistic expression and ability to get stuff for free!



The Scream:  No!  How will my nonprofit grassroots community protest group get the message out now that we won’t be able to stream copyrighted material on our website?  We can’t pay for these things; we’re already operating out of Whistler’s Mother’s basement!



Whistler’s Mother:  You could always try to get a job.




The Scream:  It’s just that sort of apathetic, bourgeois attitude that creates an atmosphere of entitlement among the power players and the authority addicts!  Information is free!  Ideas can’t be regulated!  Occupy the Internet!  Oh, and could you pick up some toaster pastries on your way home?  Van Gogh’s self-portrait ate the last one.  Greedy bastard.


American Gothic:  We deeply oppose any legislation that would interfere with our ability to find free porn and download movies currently in theaters at three in the morning while net surfing in our underwear.  It’s un-American.



The Old Guitarist:  In my day, we didn’t stand for this sort of oppression.  You book the venue, I’ll write the protest song.




Mona Lisa:  Can I make a recording of your performance and post it on my website as a free download?




The Old Guitarist:  What are you, crazy?  This sh*t ain’t free!





All opinions expressed in this post are those of the individual paintings and not necessarily those of the Little Blind Girl or of the blog in general.

17 thoughts on “Famous paintings discuss current events

  1. Ah, one of your best yet! I’m still laughing! (Cue appropriate clown painting…I’m sure there’s one somewhere with a big smile painted on an otherwise menacing countenance).


    • P.S., I tried to download a laughing clown just now, but I would have had to PAY for it! Imagine that! $49.99 yet. As the old guitarist said…well, you know what he said because you just made it up.


      • I rest my case! Besides, no one wants to have to look at a clown. They’re creeptastic. Yeah, the biggest problem with this post was getting the paintings to shut up; chatty little buggers.


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